October 23, 2020

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List of Artworks by Jean Lamoureux

Jean Lamoureux was born in 1940 in Saint-Fabien, Rimouski county, Province of Quebec, Canada. However, to this day, the town of Sainte-Adele in the Laurentians region has remained his fatherland in his heart. The membership of painter Jacques de Tonnancour and sculptors Bartolini and Sylvia Daoust led him to successful general and artistic training. He obtained a diploma in advertising art and then secured a special degree in arts. Since 1981, Jean Lamoureux has participated in many group and solo exhibitions in recognized galleries. His paintings can be found in many private and corporate collections in canada and overseas.

Monet's Garden in June Agrandir

Monet's Garden in June

by Jean Lamoureux
Reproduction 21100

Flower Arrangements Agrandir

Flower Arrangements

by Jean Lamoureux
Reproduction 21110

Symphony For a Spring day Agrandir

Symphony For a Spring day

by Jean Lamoureux
Reproduction 41100

Monet's Garden 1992 Agrandir

Monet's Garden 1992

by Jean Lamoureux
Reproduction 62120

April Garden Agrandir

April Garden

by Jean Lamoureux
Reproduction 62130

Flower Game Agrandir

Flower Game

by Jean Lamoureux

Serenity Agrandir


by Jean Lamoureux

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