May 31, 2020

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Under Quebec's Bridges, by Denis Nolet

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24 x 30cm • 9,5 x 11,8

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19 x 23,5cm • 7,5 x 9,25"

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  • #64720  Giclee
        Under Quebec's Bridges
      14 x 18" - 57,50 $CAN
    21 x 27" - 112,50 $CAN
    28 x 36" - 186,25 $CAN

Denis Nolet

Denis Nolet was born in Quebec in 1964. At the tender age of nine, he enthusiastically began pursuing his passion for art through specialized classes. These studies prompted him to experiment with several styles of expression, which led him to his finely detailed depiction of urban scenes. His success in selling his paintings in Old Quebec was meteoric, so much so that at age 20 his sole source of livelihood was his art. While regularly producing paintings, he honed his skills through visual art classes at University Laval in Sainte-Foy (Quebec). The themes he addresses reveal his tastes and personality and are highly representative of his particular sensibility. Denis Nolet prefers moonlight to sunlight, which explains his choice of colours. While the rest of the world sleeps, this « Night Owl » burns the midnight oil. He and the sleeping world have a special connection which he employs unabashedly, taking advantage of the moments when nature slows down. Thus inspired, he paints a poetic world in which harmony of form luxuriates in restfulness and serenity.

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