January 27, 2021

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The Wreath, by Gilles Archambault

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2 1/2 x 3 5/8" - 6,3 x 9,2cm

Card unit no #36132 1,25 $CAN


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  • #36136  Cards in box
        The Wreath
        13,3 x 18,4 cm - 5,25 x 7,25"
        25,00 $ CAN
    #36130 -  Cards
        The Wreath
       13,3 x 18,4 cm - 5,25 x 7,25"
        3,75 $ CAN

Gilles Archambault

Gilles Archambault was born in Montreal in 1947. He made his first stab into the field of visual arts as an advertizing photographer. Self-educated, he began painting in 1978 and devoted himself to this profession the following year. If he was initially known as a watercolour painter, the artist has expressed himself in acrylics since the turn of the millennium. A talented illustrator, Gilles Archambault produced a hundred book covers and is also the creator of the famous Snowy Owl found on the Harfang des Neiges wine bottles, a classic image in Quebec advertizing illustration.

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