April 10, 2020

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It’s Christmas, by Joanne Ouellet

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Joanne Ouellet

Artist, painter and illustrator. Joanne Ouellet's artistic experience is the result of a journey that unwinds within a universe of native Canadian Indians reaching out to contact the world of infancy. It is surprising, amongst other things, to notice how animals have always played an integrating role in this journey. Her works acquire force from nature's inspiration and generate a visual joy to those gazing. In 1981, Joanne Ouellet was awarded the "Youth Literature Prize" donated by the Canadian Council for the Arts, in recognition of her illustrations. Apart from her artistic creations, Joanne Ouellet gives illustration courses at the School of Visual Arts, Laval University. She willing meets with young people to speak about her fascinating profession and takes this opportunity of displaying a few, out of the many, books that she has illustrated.

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