September 28, 2020

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Red Berries, by Suzanne Collins Laverdière

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Sheet format :
80 x 60cm • 31,5 x 23,6

Image format :
66 x 50cm • 26 x 19,75"

Print on paper #72510 60,00 $CAN


Transfer on canvas unmounted #72512 122,50 $CAN


Suzanne Collins Laverdière

Suzanne Laverdiere was born in Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada, in 1945. She completed a diploma in Fine Arts at the «Ecole des Beaux-Arts» of Quebec in 1967, she went on to complete a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Laval University in 1977, after having perfected her techniques in tapestry and ceramics. She participated in a great number of art exhibits in the region while assuming the presidency of the «Societe artistique de Sainte-Foy» of Quebec. For many years now Suzanne Laverdiere has been experimenting with dry pastels in her drawings. Her subjects emanate from nature as we often see gardens, flowers and plants represented in her art work, but we also find still life and scenes depicting figures.

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