June 24, 2021

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List of Artworks by Georges Dedoyard

Georges Dedoyard was born in Brussels, Belgium. He has been living in Laval (Quebec) since 1957. A painter of mood landscapes who works principally outdoor. He has a number of group and solo exhibitions. Georges Dedoyard is inspired directly by nature, not by an intellectual process carried out in the studio. Although his scenes are strongly rooted in present, they nonetheless offer an impression of fragility and fleeting time. The colours reinforce the suggestive value of the scene. Many of Georges Dedoyard works are part of private collections as well as collections of large Canadian and foreign corporations.

Back Fishing Agrandir

Back Fishing

by Georges Dedoyard

  • Small format : 84771
  • Large format : 84774
  • Giant format : 84777

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Ruralized Charlevoix Agrandir

Ruralized Charlevoix

by Georges Dedoyard

  • Small format : 84781
  • Large format : 84784
  • Giant format : 84787

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Morning Visit Agrandir

Morning Visit

by Georges Dedoyard

  • Small format : 84791
  • Large format : 84794
  • Giant format : 84797

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An Open Window on Eden Agrandir

An Open Window on Eden

by Georges Dedoyard

  • Small format : 84871
  • Large format : 84874
  • Giant format : 84877

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The Abandoned House Agrandir

The Abandoned House

by Georges Dedoyard
Reproduction 22150

A view Over the Bay Agrandir

A view Over the Bay

by Georges Dedoyard
Reproduction 22160

Natashquan in August Agrandir

Natashquan in August

by Georges Dedoyard
Reproduction 33150

The Blue Sign Agrandir

The Blue Sign

by Georges Dedoyard
Reproduction 39100

An Alley in Ramatuelle Agrandir

An Alley in Ramatuelle

by Georges Dedoyard
Reproduction 39110

Summer in Charlevoix Agrandir

Summer in Charlevoix

by Georges Dedoyard
Reproduction 63100

Preparing for Dawn Agrandir

Preparing for Dawn

by Georges Dedoyard
Reproduction 63110

Back to Line Fishing Agrandir

Back to Line Fishing

by Georges Dedoyard

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