October 3, 2023

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Frequent asked questions

What is a giclee?

A giclee is a digital reproduction printed directly onto the canvas on request. A fixative is applied to proteck the colors.

What is a canvas transfer?

A canvas transfer is made from a paper reproduction whose image was transferred onto a canvas and laminated with plastic wrap.

What is a fine art print on paper?

A fine art print on paper is a mechanical print made in volume from four halftone negatives that reconstruct the four basic colors of the Process method.

What is the difference between a giclee and a canvas transfer?

Both products are substantially similar. Emphasize a slight difference between the finishes of the fixative spray of the giclee and the plastic wrap of the canvas transfer.

How long does it take to prepare an order of canvas (giclee or transfer)?

A minimum of two weeks is required to produce a canvas (giclee or transfer).

Why the canvases (giclee or transfer) are they delivered rolled in a tube?

Because all orders are delivered at home by mail. Sending paintings stretched on back frame cost as much in shipping fees as the purchase itself. In addition, the Post limit the maximum size of the delivery boxes.

Where can I get my canvas (giclee or transfer) stretched on back frame?

Any business offering custom framing service can perform stretching a canvas on back frame and even suggest a complementary framework.

Can I buy from you a canvas (giclee or transfer) already stretched on back frame?

Yes, it is possible if you are able to come and take delivery yourself of your order at our office.

Can I go to your store to choose an image?

To select an image, it is useless to go to our office because we do not have a sample of all images in the catalog. The best tool remains the website where you can download the catalogs in PDF format.

Does your store is open during the usual business hours?

No, it is not a store, access is not guaranteed at all times and business hours may vary depending on the time of the year. Always call before going to ensure accessibility.

Does the images are offered in other formats than those listed?

No, only the sizes specified on the website or in catalogs are available.

Does the images are offered in other forms than those listed?

Sometimes some images are available in forms other than the one you are currently viewing. After clicking on an image, all others forms and other products available from this image appear to the right of the screen.

Can a shop order your products for resale?

Yes, a reseller can use the site to complete his selection but must note it on a purchase order and sent it to us by email, fax, mail or dictated by phone. The nature of the order will determine eligibility at wholesale prices.

Can I take delivery of my order at your office?

Of course, simply enter it in your shopping cart. However, your order must be fully completed, including your address and credit card number.

Can I order a custom inside printing in all formats of cards?

No, only in cards of standard, seasonal and large formats (excluding enclosure cards and giant cards).

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