June 6, 2023

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Picking Blueberries, by Jeannette Trépanier

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24 x 30cm • 9,5 x 11,8

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19 x 22,2cm • 7,5 x 8,75"

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Transfer on canvas unmounted #21542 32,50 $CAN


Jeannette Trépanier

Born in 1952 Jeannette Trépanier currently resides in Cap-Santé, Québec, a historical village located on the shores of the St. Lawrence. In 1979 she graduated from the Université Laval with a Bachelor of Art History, and a few years later she initiated herself to the art of engraving at the Université du Québec in Montreal. For more than fifteen years, she has favoured the use of pens highlithted with watercolours, exhibiting her work in Ottawa, Sherbrooke and Montreal. Later, decorative painting on wood led her to the use of oil paint, a medium she adopted from that time forward for its richness and luminosity.

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