March 22, 2023

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The Sheep Farm, by Jacques Poirier

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24 x 30cm • 9,5 x 11,8

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20,3 x 24,1cm • 8 x 9,5"

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Jacques Poirier

Canadian painter of renowned fame, Jacques Poirier was born in Quebec in 1942. He became interested in painting as a young teenager and throughout time it became a passion, working full-time in this profession with great enthusiasm. Since 1979, he has been working in oil . Many of his works can be found in art galleries where they have been appreciated by both amateurs and collectionists. His pieces are part of numerous private and public collections in Canada and abroad. The artist's works are available permanently in galleries situated in large cities throughout Canada. For Jacques Poirier, painting signifies nature; in fact most of his works represent rich interpretations of a sensitivity towards Canadian landscape. Each season, Jacques Poirier installs his easel amidst natural settings, translating onto canvas, in original compositions, the sensations of our magnificent landscapes. The works of Jacques Poirier define the praise of beauty and splendour of true Canadian nature.

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