October 3, 2023

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Sunflower Trio, by Renée Mizgala

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8 3/4 x 11 1/2" - 22,2 x 29,2cm

Card unit no #38975 8,75 $CAN


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        Sunflower Trio
        13,3 x 18,4 cm - 5,25 x 7,25"
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    #38970 -  Cards
        Sunflower Trio
       13,3 x 18,4 cm - 5,25 x 7,25"
        3,75 $ CAN
    #63990  Print on paper
        Sunflower Trio
      38 x 51,4cm • 15 x 20,25"
       37,50 $ CAN
    #63992 Reproduction transfert sur toile
        Sunflower Trio
      38 x 51,4cm • 15 x 20,25"
       88,75 $ CAN

Renée Mizgala

Renee Mizgala was born in Montreal in 1948. She always has been interested by Art. As a child she could be found with pencil in hand, drawing whatever she could. She has the chance to study with Renata Heidersdorf, member of the «Société des Aquarellistes du Canada» and with the internationally know watercolourist, Ming Ma, who brought a new dimension into her work. Also, she has taken many workshops with wellknown artists from Canada and the United States such as Zoltan Szabo, Don Andrews, Judi Betts, Don Getz etc... Renee Mizgala favourite medium by far is watercolour, as she finds the spontaneity of this medium suited to her personality and the subjects she choose to paint: bright florals, colourful animals, fish and birds. Her works can be found in Montreal, Toronto, the United States, Germany and Holland.

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