May 6, 2021

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2021 Wall Calendar, by Isabelle Desrochers

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Isabelle Desrochers

Born in 1977, nothing destined Isabelle Desrochers to the "profession" of painter. Without being particularly attracted by drawing, however, she has always had crayons in her hands. Having reached adulthood, she experimented decorative painting and it was the “love at first sight” that she shared by providing lessons in her studio. Artist painter acknowledged since the 2000s, her work take by assault publications and magazines and knows an enthusiastic spreading. In recent years, Isabelle Desrochers offers buxom women; all in curves, in a quest for personnal wellbeing. She is inspired by the everyday life, small pleasures of life, small banal things, to highlight them with a touch of humor. Having swapped pens for paintbrushes and acrylic tubes, she brings along every morning her world in her paintings... and for her, time stops.

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