January 31, 2023

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The Vegetable Basket Agrandir

The Vegetable Basket

by Jeannette Trepanier
Reproduction 21550

The Shelf Agrandir

The Shelf

by Jeannette Trepanier
Reproduction 21560

Caged Love Agrandir

Caged Love

by Jeannette Trepanier
Reproduction 21570

Three Cottages Agrandir

Three Cottages

by Jacques Poirier
Reproduction 21700

The Sheep Farm Agrandir

The Sheep Farm

by Jacques Poirier
Reproduction 21710

Children's' dreams Agrandir

Children's' dreams

by Lise Auger
Reproduction 21910

A Flowery Spring Agrandir

A Flowery Spring

by Lise Auger
Reproduction 21920

An Air of Springtime Agrandir

An Air of Springtime

by Lise Auger
Reproduction 21970

The Enchanted River Agrandir

The Enchanted River

by Lise Auger
Reproduction 21980

A History of a Violin Agrandir

A History of a Violin

by Lise Auger
Reproduction 21990

Daydream in the Wood Agrandir

Daydream in the Wood

by Armande Langelier
Reproduction 22050

The Bridge Agrandir

The Bridge

by Armande Langelier
Reproduction 22060

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